LaTeX in MS PowerPoint and VS Code on macOS

My presentations often include fair share of math equations and videos/ animation. Although making presentation in beamer is always an option, but as of now, embedding animation or video in a beamer-generated PDF isn’t very intuitive or natively supported. So, I have always opted in for Power Point because of the ease of use. While equation editor in MS Word and PowerPoint has improved drastically over the last few years, it’s still not nowhere near what LaTeX can produce. Additionally, I already have equations written in LaTeX and I use overleaf these days for LaTeX.

Getting Started with FEniCSx

FEniCSx is an open source multi-platform computing environment to solve partial differential equations using finite element method. FEniCSx supports parallel computing with Python and C++ interface. FEniCSx is comprised of the libraries UFL, Basix, FFCx and DOLFINx which are the build blocks of it.